Cultural Horizon

This one was written as a direct response to the election of Trump.
Perhaps not everyone’s keenest fear – but this is how I imagine his world.


Conformists appear over the cultural horizon.
In peaked caps, body armour, aviator shades,
with symbols of power and the tools of their trade:
knives, flamethrowers, hammers, handcuffs.
Here to drag us back to an age when art was
only for monarchs, and artists were
only those sanctioned by thrones
to produce images of and for
the establishment.
commissioned by masters,
depicted in paint and bronze.
Portraits of proud kings bearing
emblems of empire on regal horses.
Suffering not signified; misery not dignified.
Conformists appear, preparing to level the land.
Burning, breaking, tearing down: arresting
those who resist. Street artists, those freethinking,
free-painting freaks, will be actively hunted down.


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