I used to have a special hook to use
in emergencies, but I lent it to
someone who never returned it:
So now I have to wait for
grace to arrive unannounced.
I find it more pleasing that way
but, as you know, it’s capricious.
It’s the waiting that vexes me most.


2 thoughts on “Hook

  1. Thanks Jez. It’s the [apparent] unreliability that vexes me. And the Psalmist. This was well-timed as I have just had a good friend diagnosed with a rather nasty version of cancer. So, going through my usual mental contortions on healing. It’s actually the inconsistency, the very occasional (in my experience) occurrences of miracles happening that throws me.


    1. I’m glad youve been able to connect with the poem, Paul. There’s an awful lot of intuition involved in both the writing and the posting of these pieces. This one somehow seemed appropriate for good Friday. I completely share you frustrations regarding inconsistency. I’m very sorry to hear about your friend.


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