Earthborn wanderer senses the call to pause.
This time, a hilltop. Easing his load to the uneven
ground, he leans on his staff and absorbs in silence
the unique panorama gifted to him by today:
a landscape viewed for the first and last time,
just like always. As his breath falls and rises,
his mind diligently creates a memory, layered
with each element, quality, sensation, from
this precise standpoint in space and in time;
then attentively archives it for future delectation.
His amnesiac brethren trust in alternative lenses,
man-made means of capture, storing symbolic
facades of the vista, misshapen facsimiles,
lacking the authentic texture of the original.
For this traveller, only the Real will suffice,
each reminiscence a single note in the growing
internal hymn that at last, just once, will be sung,
returning complete to the land that birthed it.



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