I awake to news of devastation and death:
Ignorant fear has turned hate into violence,
tearing apart the bodies of innocents, the lives
of families; seeking to harden our hearts.
Once again, words feel completely inadequate;
and once again, words are all we have left.

Naturally, there is grief. But also I think
of hope, of resilience, of community.
The sirens sound different today, carrying
the message of sacrifice made for others,
dedication to duty, going the extra mile,
protecting the vulnerable, helping victims.

The sight of armed police turns my stomach.
Guns cannot keep us safe, bullets powerless
against ideologies. Our strength is always in love.
We may have diverse opinions, we may take
different sides, we may speak varied languages,
but we’re all forever in the same damn race.

The brutal acts of desperate men shall not
dictate our future; cannot rob our hearts,
must not take our togetherness. Let us love with
our hands and our mouths, today and always.
Our words are forever inadequate; and yet
also the most potent tools we possess.


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