Flight Disk

Do you have a flight disk
for that bird, sir?


Then it must be unlicensed.
An unauthorized passerine is
not merely a prohibited item, sir.
It’s classed as a grade C weapon.

Imagine if it flew into
somebody’s face, or, worse still,
entered a vent. The consequences
could be disastrous.

What do you mean,
“it seems to know where to go”?
Are you trying to be funny
with me, sir?

This is a serious issue.
We’ve no way to predict
any movement this
creature might make.

I’m going to have to
confiscate it, with a view
to having it deleted.
You’ll need to…

What do you mean,
it’s not yours?
Sir, this is a
very grave matter!

What? Well, where has it gone?
And why don’t you know?

An uncontrolled sparrow,
loose in the city…
it’s going to be
one of those days!


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